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Is It All In My Mind? YES!

Ron LeGrand

Jan 21 2011

By Barbara “BJ” LeGrand Cockrell

Absolutely! It all starts in our minds - whether it involves our finances or our body. In my last column we talked about New Year's resolutions. And what's the most popular one we hear?

"I'm going to exercise so I can lose some weight."

Let's do a checkup from the neck up and start exercising our minds to achieve the results we want in both our bodies and our finances.

Many Ron LeGrand followers know of Marshal Sylver, the famous hypnotist and motivational trainer. On his CD, Removing Mental Roadblocks for Total Success, Marshall addresses the question, "what stops people from getting what they want out of life?" His reply:

  1. Fear keeps most people from reaching their goal; they can't let go of fear to make money. Understanding how our mind works is the biggest challenge. There is no such thing as willpower.

  2. Not taking action.. is making a decision to fail. Indecision kills more opportunities than making a bad decision does.

  3. People are first programed by their parents, whose beliefs and programs are inaccurate because their advice of "work hard to get ahead" is counter-intuitive.

95% of the population is controlled by the other 5%; and, that 5% control 95% of the wealth. So, what are the 5% doing that the other 95% are not? No doubt..

  • they are taking risks

  • they are devising and following plans

  • they are finishing what they started

  • they turn to mentors for training and advice

Institutions of higher education don't teach us anything about earning money. If you want to learn how to be a millionaire - study with millionaires. You must learn to think like a millionaire to do what a millionaire does. If you're more likely to adapt the traits of those you hang out with most, then it only makes sense to associate as frequently as possible with those who are truly successful in building wealth.

Individuals need to understand what it's their own programming (thinking) that keeps them from following through to the highest degree that they can. In understanding that, they can then work to change, increasing their level of follow-through on plans.

So what can you do to move forward, evolving your thinking and actions to those typical of the top 5%?

  1. The best way to work on yourself is to "program your mind" - which is a muscle - to do the following: A) overcome fears; and, B) more consistently take action.Taking that leap of faith in trusting your instincts on a plan of action is necessary to obtain the success and wealth that is waiting for you. High achievers are fearless. Overcome that fear and take those action steps that you know are necessary. You must plant the seed to reach the harvest.

  2. Few people will acknowledge their bad or ineffective decisions. Train yourself to recognize when your decisions have proven ineffective so that you can cast them aside as rapidly as possible to be replaced by new and more effective decisions. Fail fast, and move forward from it in a better direction even faster. --- Often we need to make a decision to know our decisions' ineffectiveness so we can make a new decision. So let's get off our butts and utilize proven information, get in gear, give it some gas, steer in right direction, and fail forward fast if necessary.

  3. Be willing to do things others aren't willing to do, take risks others aren't willing to take, and you will get rewards others don't get.

  4. Find a trainer or mentor who can expose you to a grander vision and provide a very specific game plan as to how to achieve that vision.

What's keeping you from accomplishing your goals?

Until you can program your mind like a millionaire, you can't take those actions. It's not possible to consistently take the actions of a millionaire with a pauper's mind. For example, you can't be a millionaire doing minimum wage work.

Ask yourself, what is the highest and best use of my time? Sharpen the axe before you go into real world. If you have doubts about your own ability, you will telegraph that fear to others. Every thought has a physical response.

Marshal encourages us to learn 3 sets of skills:

  1. Self-mastery to run your brain. What you need to be thinking, consistently programing your brain to get better results.

  2. Very specific tools of influence. When you believe in something you are obligated to sell someone on what you believe in. Communicate with someone where they literally say, "take my home."

  3. Create programs for yourself that cause you to consistently take immediate action in the present moment. These are the skills that will create any outcome you want.

“95% don't want you to win because when you start succeeding it makes them look bad. The naysayers and dream stealers will give you grief about going to a seminar and someone trying to sell you something. It's not difficult to make millions, but the challenge is it's different.” Marshal Sylver

Ever wondered why our diet doesn't last or we get off track in our work even though we have evidence that what we have been told works? It's because we haven't fundamentally changed our mind. If you don't get your mind in shape at the same time as you acquire knowledge, your mind and feelings will drag you right back to where you started.

If you have discomfort in your job, with your marriage, or with your paycheck, it could be just one manifestation of a much larger issue - your struggle with yourself. The solution is mental conditioning that will help make choices that get results you want quickly. Your mind guides your actions. Eliminate self-destructive behaviors and form positive beliefs about who you are, what you're capable of, and what you deserve in your life. Associate as often as you can with those who are successful, leaving the naysayers behind.

Take that leap of faith in yourself. Engage mentors to keep your path focused, training your mind to success utilizing the training you've received.

It's all in our minds!

The answer is within you! Did you know that Marshal Sylver's training is offered as a bonus in Ron LeGrand's Exclusive Master Millionaire Mentoring program? Take a look - go here!

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