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Get On The Right Track.. Ron LeGrand's Fast Track To Wealth

Ron LeGrand

Jan 05 2011

Ron LeGrand's journey from garage mechanic to his prominence today as a real estate guru and millionaire maker was a long one; but, having taken that road, he's developed training methods and a plan that can put you on the "Fast Track To Wealth" that he personally took years to attain.

Coming to Atlanta, GA on January 15th, 2010 and Fort Lauderdale, FL on January 22nd, Ron's FAST TRACK TO WEALTH events are live, fast paced one-day training sessions devoted to revealing multiple income streams that can be implemented within days; all, with little or no start-up capital.

These events offer powerful, easy-to-learn methods of increasing revenue by making fortunes in foreclosures, selling houses fast in a slow market. Attendees will learn where the big money is in real estate and how it can be obtained with little or no money, credit or risk.

But this one day event offers a lot more than that. Here are just some of the topics Ron will discuss at Fast Track to Wealth:

  • The reasons you should be in real estate
  • How to do business the right way - work less and make more - including 8 keys to success
  • The biggest lesson Ron learned in business
  • Where the big money is and where to get it
  • 3 things you should NEVER do
  • Working from home and keeping on track
  • How to stop trading hours for dollars, take care of today's cash flow while making large amounts of cash and building a huge net worth
  • How to learn a value, tool, or commodity in your brain that can't be replaced and has greater worth to you than anything you can buy with money
  • How to spend time each day focused on the right things without letting others waste your time
  • The 5 critical steps to success
  • Making money in your IRA tax free
  • Acquiring the ability to get people in and out of their house so you can get a big fat check
  • How to quit listening to the morons and not take crap from anybody
  • Investing wisely in your education
  • What to do on auto pilot
  • When will sellers minds change
  • How to find, fix up and sell junkers
  • The 2 fastest ways to make money and which way is the easiest
  • Where most of the deals are
  • How to become a transaction engineer
  • How to pick the low hanging fruit
  • What 42% worry about
  • What is the biggest problem you will encounter and how to overcome it
  • When to shut up
  • When to check the title
  • What to put in the ad
  • When to use a voice mail system and why
  • What the killer of wealth is and how to avoid the death

Are you tired of working so hard you don't enjoy life? Is it time to take control of that life and make more money while you're at it? Come to a Ron LeGrand FAST TRACK TO WEALTH event. It's more than a book, an audio, or a video. It's Ron LeGrand LIVE. Come and be motivated by the one, only and original millionaire maker!

Ron LeGrand's Fast Track To Wealth is coming to:

Ron LeGrand Millionaire Maker About Ron LeGrand

My name is Ron LeGrand and one of the things I enjoy most is seeing people achieve Financial Freedom and fulfill their dreams. Fortunately, I get to see that happen frequently.

Before we go any further, let's clear one thing may have heard it said that I’m a "Millionaire Maker." This is absolutely true. I’m personally responsible for helping many people rise into the world of the wealthy and in fact, I’ve included just a few of their success stories here on my website so you can enjoy reading about their achievements, just like I do.

But we’re talking about YOU now! How can you get started in Real Estate and move quickly toward Financial Freedom? The answer is really quite simple ...

Your Financial Future Awaits You!

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