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Will Next Year Be Different? (part 1 of 2)

Ron LeGrand

Dec 22 2010

By Ron LeGrand

part 1 of 2

Anybody, and I mean anybody can, in fact, start from zero, follow proven instructions like mine, make a lot of money and ultimately get rich in real estate,as proven from my own students' examples. To be fair, only a tiny number of people compared to the entire population do this. Only about 5% of the U.S. population ever gets its act together when it comes to money, and only 1% ever get rich. One thing that 90% of the 1% who are rich do have in common: they've learned to invest in real estate and own real estate in addition to their own homes.

Of the people who go to seminars or training courses about this - mine or somebody else's - only a small percentage follow through on their hopes and intentions.. that's human nature. Most people, sadly, fail themselves all the time, with everything. They buy exercise equipment but don't use it, they go on diets but don't stick to them, they buy books but don't read them, they start projects around the house but don't finish them. That does NOT make the exercise equipment or diet or book or project a bad thing. What I can tell you - and prove - is that huge numbers of people from every imaginable background who get and follow my instructions do very well.

Each individual has to decide for himself or herself how important their own financial independence, security and life goals are; then, follow-through or not. I cannot do a thing for the many that do nothing. I can, however, do a lot for those who will follow proven, step-by-step plans.

You might ask, if you are somebody who has NOT followed through on your ideas or other opportunities in the past: why will next year be different?

If you can use a recipe to bake a cake or use instructions to assemble a kid's toy, you can follow my instructions to do a “quick turn for cash” real estate deal and pocket $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 on each deal. There's your income. If you also wisely invest some of that income in good passive investments, again following my instructions, you can get rich. There's your security. Anybody can do it. But remember this, if you do NOT come to the Quick Start Real Estate School and investigate for yourself, you'll just never know for sure - was this THE opportunity that could have given you everything you ever dreamed of having in your life?

I genuinely enjoy and take pride in teaching people who are highly motivated and eager to do better for themselves and their families. That's one of the reasons why I'm personally teaching the Quick Start Real Estate School on February 10-13, 2011 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Does a person have to buy rat-infested, falling down crack houses and fix them up? Do I have to be a landlord with overflowing toilets? Do I need to go into debt up to my eyeballs?

Not if you follow MY plans. First of all, I teach “quick turn for cash” real estate as a business, for spare time or part-time or full-time income. That means you do not have to buy and hold with landlord headaches, or worry about a down market. I have strategies for “pretty houses” in nice neighborhoods, for “luxury houses” in gated communities, and even for apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings and other kinds of properties.

What's very important to understand is the way I do things - this is a CASH PROFIT BUSINESS. We're in the cash business, just like operating a Burger King® or a UPS Store® - except the average profit per transaction when using my main System, as reported by my students, is about $37,000.00.

Second, a lot of people run off half-cocked with just enough information to get into trouble, and then they have real estate investor horror stories to tell - to scare everybody else. That's too bad, because it keeps a lot of people from enjoying all the benefits of this business when it's done right. We tell people all about the problems and pitfalls and mistakes to avoid - we don't just paint a rosy picture.

Next week, in part 2: Obstacles to overcome so next year can be your best yet!

Ron LeGrand Millionaire Maker About Ron LeGrand

My name is Ron LeGrand and one of the things I enjoy most is seeing people achieve Financial Freedom and fulfill their dreams. Fortunately, I get to see that happen frequently.

Before we go any further, let's clear one thing may have heard it said that I’m a "Millionaire Maker." This is absolutely true. I’m personally responsible for helping many people rise into the world of the wealthy and in fact, I’ve included just a few of their success stories here on my website so you can enjoy reading about their achievements, just like I do.

But we’re talking about YOU now! How can you get started in Real Estate and move quickly toward Financial Freedom? The answer is really quite simple ...

Your Financial Future Awaits You!

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